Services Offered

Design and Consultation
Installation: Woodwork / Stonework - Planting / Soil prep.- Irrigation

Earthworks Landscape and Design is a licensed landscape contracting business.
Give us a call to set up a no-charge visit to discuss your landscape and garden plans.

Design and Consultation


A landscape design is an ideal way to plan a long-term or quick improvement for your property. We can either totally redo or simply refresh all or part of the landscape. We invite your input in this process as part of the design team. Cathy and Joe collaborate on designs while visiting your site to map the area, take photos, and get to know conditions first-hand. At the office, we work together to design a garden or landscape tailored to your desires and the many different factors each property presents. Finally, we meet with you to present the design and make sure you are satisfied with the various elements. We work at an hourly rate, quoting a price range before we start.


Consultation at an hourly rate is another alternative. Joe or Cathy will meet with you, and you can take notes as we brainstorm ideas for your landscape.




Planting / Soil pre-preparation


Woodwork / Stonework


Earthworks have become well-known for their skilled stonework. We particularly enjoy building flagstone paths and patios. We use a variety of other materials, both manufactured and natural. Our freestanding and retaining walls are also built of either natural or manufactured stone. Stone staircases and garden beds are other great options. One of our favorite suppliers is Lane Forest Products.


We build or, in some cases, refer other contractors for decks, railings, trellises, garden beds, and arbors.

Planting / Soil prep.


Working in Lane county for over two decades, we have developed a real strength: “right plant, right place.” We have learned from experience which plants will thrive in different settings with challenges such as poor drainage, clay soil, and deer browsing. We love to get creative with plants, but they have to be correct for the site. Over the years, we have increased our use of native, edible, and drought-tolerant plants but also enjoy non-invasive exotic species. Soil preparation is critical to a successful planting. We add generous amounts of loam, compost, and organic and mycorrhizal fertilizers.

Earthworks typically source plants from local nurseries. Our favorites are Doak Creek Natives and Armitage.



Drip systems: From small systems designed to water a few patio pots to extensive whole landscape systems, drip irrigation is the eco-conscious choice. Advantages are very low water use, with the water going directly to the plants and not to areas that foster weed growth. A drip system can also be an economical choice.

Underground sprinkler systems: This remains the standard for irrigated lawns and for high traffic, especially in commercial areas. A wisely programmed system generally uses less water than hand watering or hand setting sprinklers. Our suppliers include Ewing Irrigation and John Deere Landscapes.

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